The Originals Only Fine Art Show is organized by a group of Vancouver Island artists who volunteer their time and energy to help other artists show and sell their work. They come from a wide variety of disciplines and groups within the fine art community.

All artwork at the Originals Art Show is original and created by the artist who is present in the booth during the entire show.  The show is open to artists living on Vancouver Island and the surrounding outer islands only.

Originals Only Art Show 2018

Marina Park – Comox BC

August 11th & 12th

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Shirley Dickie

Info For Artists!

The show is open to artists living on Vancouver Island and the surrounding outer islands only.

Maximum of 58 booths allowed on a first come first serve basis. Once the 58 booths are filled you can choose to go on a waiting list in case of a cancellation.

Special Rates for NIC or Emily Carr Students

Students must be enrolled, full time, in either the North Island College or Emily Carr program to qualify. Students may share a booth space with other students.

See our Rules & Regulations for fees and other important information.


Special Rates for North Island College Students

Students must be enrolled, full time, in North Island College to qualify. Students may share a booth space with other students.

Check out your fees etc on our Rules & Regulations page

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About Us


The objective of the Originals Only shows is to provide visual artists, specifically painters and sculptors with the opportunity to showcase their work in an environment where they can learn from each other and invite the general public to engage in a cultural experience.

The event is focused on artists who work with traditional mediums to produce two and three dimensional art in realistic, abstract, impressionistic, contemporary, expressionistic and modern styles .

Acceptable work for the Originals Only Show

Acceptance into the show for painters is based on the use of oils, acrylics, watercolours, inks, graphite, pastel, charcoal, conte, encaustic, tempera, carbon, gauche, coloured pencil and watercolour pencil as these are applied to paper, canvas and prepared art boards. Printmaking is allowed providing the prints are hand pulled and the run remains under 100. For sculptors, acceptance is based on the use of stone, wood, clay and metal to create contemporary, realistic or abstract works.

Unacceptable work for the Originals Only Show

As the show is designed specifically for painters and sculptors, no other art forms will be accepted. Not accepted work includes works that are classified as folk art, decorative art, fabric art, needlepoint, tapestry or craft.

Artist’s Guidelines

The show is limited to original work produced by artists who use the accepted mediums and materials as outlined in the Rules and Regulations. It is important that each artist applying to exhibit understands the parameters that have been established and what is classified as acceptable.

  • Artist’s Advertising Initiative

    Please contact Tracey regarding Advertising Opportunities in  The Record, one of our corporate sponsors.

    Deadline for entries July 17, 2018

    Original Only Artists receive this advertising opportunity at a very reasonable price. Book early to avoid disappointment. Prices Include FULL PROCESS COLOUR!

  • Show Application Form

    This application form is now available. Click here

  • Booth Setup Samples

    Click Here (they are at the bottom of the page) to see some pictures of artist display booths for the Originals Only Summer Show.

    All of our booths are original, the main factors are a canopy and walls on which to hang your work. You will also need a small table for your business cards and other promotional material. Generally, having a stool to sit on is preferable over a chair…customers find it hard to approach someone sitting down lower that eye level. The panels can range from – wire configurations – lattice – cloth cover frames – wood panels etc.

    If you have any questions feel free to email Joe Smith at

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